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KenCoomer-91 (1)-min (1).jpg


API/Neve Hybrid  Console custom

Avid S3 EUCON 16 channel control surface
Pro Tools 12 Ultimate

Native HD/Thunderbolt
96k I/O (2) 24 channels
UAD-2 Satellite
Neve summing mixer

1976 MCI 16 Track 2″ tape machine JH16

Pro Ac studio 100 near field monitors

Westlake BBSM 12 studio monitors

Aurotone 5c speakers pair

Dangerous monitor ST

KenCoomer-52 (1)-min (1).jpg


API 2500 Stereo Bus Compressor
Urei 1176 Compressor

Spectra-sonic 610

Spectra-sonic V610 Mic Pre/Compressor

ADL 1000

Alan Smart C2
Symetrix Compressor 525 (2)
DBX 160x Compressor
RNC 1776 Compressor (2)
Altec 1612A Mic Pre/Compressor
Altec 118 and 119 Compressors
BBE 882i sonic maximizer

KenCoomer-65-min (1).jpg


API 3124
API 512c (5)
Coil Audio CA-70 (2)
Neve 511 mic pre (6)
Brent Averill Neve mic pre 1272 model
Helios type 69 1R Mic pre/eq (2)
Realios mic pre
Lindell mic pre
Trident S20 dual mic pre
Ampex 601 mic pre (2)

KenCoomer-97-min (1).jpg


Nuemann TLM 67   
Nuemann M49 (Preston) 

Soyuz 017 
Coles 4038 (matched pair)  

Western Electric 639B Birdcage ribbon
Groove Tubes MD2

SE/Neve Z 5600a

Mytek drum system (4)
Akg 4047
Shure SM 57’s (4)
Shure SM 7
Cascade Fat heads (2)
Beyerdynamic M160
Stager ribbon SR-2N (2)
SE/Neve Voodoo (2)

KenCoomer-108-min (1)_edited.jpg


Hi-Tone 30 amp head and cab
60’s Fender Champ amp 

60’s Fender Bandmaster w/cab
68 Fender Custom Princeton Reverb

50’s Supro Amp (Chicago 51)
40’s Supro

2005 Marshall 5 watt head

2000 Marshall 15 watt combo (purple bluesbreaker)
Vox Pathfinder (w/Celestion)
60’s Kay Amp Model 703
50’s Harmony Amp Model H-500
70’s Penncrest Amp Model 8400
Orange Tiny Terror Amp head
60’s Gibson Duo-Medalist

90’s Gibson Thunderfunk bass

70’s Ampeg SVT

Tube Tubby 2×12 Cab

KenCoomer-116-min (1).jpg

GUITARS (Electric and Acoustic)

1959 Harmony Stratotone electric

1984 Gibson 335
1919 Gibson L1 acoustic
1932 archtop acoustic

1968 Grammar acoustic

1966 Epiphone Texan acoustic
1980’s Gibson J-45 acoustic
2005 Taylor 812 model acoustic
1980’s Simon & Patrick parlor acoustic

1980’s Gibson Gold Top electric
1990’s Fender Stratocaster

1990’s Fender Telecaster (Custom)

1980’s Jana Telestratbomb
1990’s Epiphone Les Paul
1990’s Gibson Melody Maker

1980’s Epiphone acoustic
2000 Danelectro 12 string electric

1960's Eko 12 string acoustic

1990’s Danelectro longhorn bass

1980’s Danelectro baritone
1967 Fender Music Master bass 

1966 Kalamazoo bass 

1970’s Univox violin bass
2010 Kala Uke Bass

KenCoomer-114-min (1)_edited.jpg


Mellotron Mini
Nord Lead 1 synth
1920 upright piano
Sound City key bass

Roland JX-3P poly synth 
Rheem key bass
Wurlitzer electric piano 200a
Hammond M1 organ
Fender bass pedals
Roland Hand Sonic 10

Roland SE-02

Roland TR-S8
Casio 501

Casio Sk1

KenCoomer-103-min (1).jpg


1950s Grestch drum set
1970 Gretsch rosewood drum set
1936 Gretsch Broadcasters
1995 Slingerland drum set
1960’s Gretsch drum sets
1960’s Rogers drum sets
various snare drums:

20’s Ludwig Black Beauties various sizes
Craviotto snares
30’s Leedy snare
30’s Radio King
80’s Solid Snare
and many more

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